Signpost provides:
– Support with job applications
– Workshops for interview and CV skills
– Help for people to overcome barriers to employment
How we help:
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About Signpost

Signpost works to support people in deprived communities with a focus on unemployment. We use empowerment as a mechanism of change: this means putting physical and interpersonal resources at the disposal of our beneficiaries so that they might overcome those barriers that they are currently facing.


Core Services

Our delivery is ‘client centred but pragmatic’ this means we shape the service around beneficiary need. Employment forms the focus of our conversations with people but other needs frequently surface along the way.

Why donate to Signpost?

It is hard to value the work that Signpost does in money, but getting the buildings, equipment and people in place to do the work has a cost. Taken together, our donors help to make the work possible and directly help people in a worse position than ourselves. Your donation will be a part of that.

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