Partner / Advisor Information for Referring to Signpost’s On Line Service (OLS)

Thank you for choosing to refer to Signpost’s (OLS). We aim to support your Clients moving them closer to a successful outcome.

OLS can support with:

  • Job Search Support.
  • Curriculum Vitae creation and updates.
  • Application Support
  • Interview Skills

Delivery Mode:

The service is intended to be delivered On Line via video link. Where this is not possible we can work over the phone. This can be arranged with the Client.

Please see our website at for referral into our physical centres.

Making a Referral:

Please email with the following information:

  • Client’s name
  • Client’s contact details: email, phone number
  • Support needed
  • Notes
  • Referrer’s name
  • Referrer’s organisation.

You can also encourage the Client to contact us directly if you feel this is appropriate.

This is a free service but resources are scarce so please make every effort to ensure that your clients attend their appointments.

Please also feel free to email any feedback from your perspective to